Company Profile

Business Position

The business fills a gap in the market catering for smaller island businesses wishing to purchase a variety of products in one order by consolidation of products. It caters for small or large orders as required by the clients.

Having been associated with many Pacific Island countries for the past 25 years, the business is able to offer more than just an export service by drawing on our knowledge of the area and the experience of the Managing Director in a multitude of “hands on” business and manufacturing, ventures over the past 50 years. Because of the relatively low population and isolation these areas they tend to be under serviced, and have difficulties in obtaining goods from developed countries.

By servicing these areas on monthly or bi-monthly visits, we have established personal relationships with our clients which are much appreciated in the Pacific region.

The business has successfully obtained agencies from the Asia Region allow me to expand the business by offering every competitive prices to small businesses in Australia and the Pacific Islands.

Staff History

(Norman) Brian Russell (Managing Director) – Clerk of Court, Court reporter, Special Magistrate, Restaurant and Take-away Food Business, Manufacture of Kitchen Woodware, Furniture Manufacture, Yacht Building, Voluntary Work (A.E.S.O.P. Representative), Sales Representation

Michelle Meng Dang (Logistics, Documentation and Sales Promotions) – 15 years working experience since graduating from university. Michelle’s major is Accounting, and she has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. When in China, Michelle has been a college teacher teaching accounting, and also a financial manager of an import/export company. Michelle ran a consultant company in Shanghai before migrating to Australia, where she worked as a consultant to business owners. In Australia Michelle worked as an account clerk for Qualico Trading Pty Ltd. Duties included invoices, account receivable, account payable, reconciliations of bank account, arranging orders and sales statistics and analysis.

Business History

The business employs mainly family and has been in operation now for five years. During that time it has developed firstly in Kiribati, then moving into Nauru and over the past two years is now venturing into Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and are establishing a client base in these countries.

Over the last two years we have established links with numerous businesses in Singapore, China and Indonesia and represent and promote their products in the Pacific and Australia.

The business started initially in supplying general cargo and reconditioned 205 litre drums but has now expanded into new specialized 205 litre steel drums, stainless steel drums, food lines, oxygen generating plants, welding equipment, plywood, telecommunication towers, aluminium boats, outboard motors and float glass which are as a result of a demand from many clients for these products.

We have found in the Pacific, that there is a time lag between first establishing contact with clients and initial orders being received. We believe that this lag is to establish whether your business is going to continue servicing the country visited as frequently sales representatives do not return to follow up initial contacts.

Once this service has been established efficient service and pricing will ensure continuing orders.

We now have a close working relationship with several of the major shipping companies as we are now at a level of transporting between 50 to 100, 40 foot containers per annum, which enables us to give excellent rates to our customers in the islands.

Our Solution

Having lived in the Pacific for approximately six (6) years during l984-1990 and having experienced the difficulties in sourcing products and the high prices charged for goods, we decided there was an opening in the market for the experience and expertise we could offer.

On a visit to Kiribati this was reinforced by my association with individuals, businesses and organizations tapping into my knowledge to source goods for them on return to Australia around, 1990.

Having commenced to supply on a part-time basis we could see the potential of expanding this to a full-time business.

Since that time the business has grown progressively over the years to a situation where it now services Kiribati, Nauru, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea sending goods by sea and air.

The business has become recognized as offering competitive pricing and understanding of clients difficulties associated with remote and isolated areas. We have been progressively establishing new markets and new products expanded into importing directly from Asia, United Kingdom and Europe

We have now extended our business to include importing goods to Australia and the Pacific Islands from Indonesia, China and Singapore and other countries as required. With the establishment of a website and online ordering this has further expanded our market to worldwide having received enquiries from Africa, USA, Britain and Europe.