205L UN Embossed Steel Drums

Understanding that it is crucial for the product within the drums to be kept safe. I highly recommend the UN205SD. Because of its durability from its superior design, you are able to reuse the drums many times over without leakages. It also features the UN embossing (if required), which has now been legally implemented when transporting hazardous goods.


  • 1.2mm, 1.4mm thick steel
  • 205L holding capacity
  • UN embossing
  • Tight or open head drums available
  • Triple rolled rim


  • Up to 3x extended life on an average stainless steel drum
  • Up to 3x impact resistant on an average stainless steel drum
  • Fast return on investment
  • Holds value

UN Embossing:
Under new UN direction, drums transporting hazardous materials must be UN Embossed. As a standard service, we provide all drums to be supplied embossed with the appropriate markings.

Custom Embossing:
As a cost free service we can include custom embossing along with the standard UN Embossing. This can include your business name.

Price: POA$$$